Our Story

Harmony Lifecare Group is your one-stop wellness experience. 

Our group  comprises BlissCare Medical, BlissMums, Genkinoya , and Harmony Skin Lab, and JeuneTe providing premium healthcare and wellness services using advanced technology, quality products, and continuous R&D. 

We also provide the most futuristic and advanced HOTMANTM (Hemodynamics and Oxygen Transport MANagement) Health Screening, a first in Asia and a non-invasive health screening using artificial-intelligence guided cardiovascular technology. 

Our group caters to all age groups with premium brands under their belt – from newborns to women, pregnant mums, men and senior citizens.

Harmony Lifecare Pte Ltd currently has a total of 8 outlets with  4 outlets in Singapore, 1 outlet in Vietnam, 2 outlets in China, and 1 outlet in Thailand.  

Another 8 more outlets are planned for overseas markets, with 2 in Vietnam, 4 in China, and another 2  in Malaysia, which will bring the total number of outlets to 16 by the end of 2022.

Our Vision

To be a global icon in integrated healthcare and wellness, fostering health and happiness.

Our Mission

To provide premium quality healthcare and wellness services with advanced healthcare technology and effective products through professional research & development.

Our Values

  • Benevolence & Sincerity

We sincerely wish for the good health and well-being of all our customers and endeavor to help provide the best possible solutions within our
knowledge, capabilities and expertise.

  • Unity & Teamwork

We will always strive to work with open communication and in unity, providing trust and support in all aspects, be it towards fellow teammates,
our customers, partners and stakeholders.

  • Innovation & Enterprise Spirit

We constantly create value and improvement by generating new products, ideas, services, meaningful solutions, processes, technologies and
strategies.  We seek to keep evolving, be at the forefront, for continual business growth and innovation while developing our own market niches.

  • Harmony & Sustainability

We endeavor to create harmony in all areas, be it with our customers, partners, employees, stakeholders, community, and the environment, and
work towards the path of sustainability, not just in terms of business sustainability but also on a wider perspective of environmental and societal
impact that we can support, contribute or practices that we can adopt.