Our Milestones

2022 and beyond

Two new outlets, Genkinoya 2nd outlet and Blissmums will open in May 2022 at Pacific Plaza. Our group’s strategic business expansion plan will see a total of 16 outlets by the end of 2022. 8 more outlets are planned for overseas markets, with 2 in Vietnam, 4 in China and another 2  in Malaysia.

There will be continuous research and development in our products, upcoming launches of new services being offered under our brands as well.

We also will dedicated more efforts in areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.


Established an integrated Holistic Wellness Platform in Novena Medical Center, focusing on TCM, Medical and Women Wellness.


Harmony Lifecare was established as a medical investment holdings company.


Established integrated post-natal and confinement services in China.


Established integrated post natal services in Vietnam.


We began our journey as a full-service OEM skincare manufacturer.