HOTMAN Cardiac Health Screening

HOTMAN (Hemodynamics and Oxygen Transport MANagement)

First in Asia, HOTMAN Cardiac Health Screening is the most advanced health screening technology that uses smart AI technology to reveal health issues related to cardiac health and performance.  It provides early detection of possible health concerns such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related diseases. It is a painless screening process and report with up to 24 parameters is generated immediately.
Developed by Dr. B. Bo Sramek in 1980. Used by NASA for measuring the heart performance of astronauts in space mission since 1983. The HOTMANsystem provided the exact same methodology and advanced technology as one used with the NCCOM3 in NASA project. The HOTMANwith External TEBCO modular received FDA approved and CE marking.
Unique technology matches the Intensive Care Unit’s grade to provide detailed cardiovascular profiles.
Performs preventive cardiovascular examinations, circulatory system and cardiac function assessments for adults, sports enthusiasts, business executives and patients.
Not Suitable for:
  • Under 18 years old
  • Person with pacemaker implant
  • Person with irregular heartbeats/Atial Fibrillation, which may affect the results of the test.
  • Person who are 155kg and above
  • Person whose heart rate is more than 222/min
  • Person whose Mean Arterial Pressure is more than 130 or SBP more than 160

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